At Prospering Safely, we want your employees to be W.I.S.E. (Work In Safe Environments).


Regardless of the size or complexity of your operations, our comprehensive W.I.S.E. Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) will help you reduce risk and reach Zero Losses while generating visible benefits to your bottom line. 


One of the most effective ways to reduce workplace hazards, risk, and loss events is through a proactive SHMS.  A SHMS is a preemptive, collaborative process to find and fix workplace hazards before employees are injured or become ill.  The benefits of implementing SHMSs include the reduction of occupational risk, protecting workers, reducing significant cost factors, achieving regulatory compliance, and making your current hazard-specific programs more effective.


SHMSs are also known to OSHA as Injury & Illness Prevention Programs (I2P2).  This unique SHMS service from Prospering Safely will bring you into compliance with this federal agency and may lead you towards OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) recognition.  


In addition, the internationally known ANSI Z10:2012 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) standard and the BSI 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) are integrated into Prospering Safely’s W.I.S.E. SHMS design.  This prepares our Clients for eventual certification under the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) standard.


For over twenty years, Prospering Safely’s has a proven process for developing comprehensive, client-specific, written SHMSs to aid them in a continuous reduction of risk with the goal of Zero Losses.  Prospering Safely’s SHMS Clients experience:


  1. Reduction of risk and effective management of residual risk.
  2. Reduced injuries and illnesses on and off the job – Zero Losses is (y)our goal.
  3. Advantage over their competitors with enhanced company profits via improved quality, increased production, expanded employee morale and pride in their work, reduced employee absenteeism and tardiness, enhanced leadership involvement, more worker engagement in the safety culture, and worker-generated ideas for OSH and production enhancements.
  4. Lower insurance premiums for workers’ compensation, general liability, automobile, property, and major medical coverages.
  5. Compliance with regulatory agencies enforcing workplace safety and health regulations and supply chain OSH expectations.
  6. Continual improvement of their current SHMS -  especially if performance has been stagnant.
  7. Implementation of a proactive approach for OSH versus a reactive response to loss events.
  8. Consistency across departments and worksites for safety and health.


This inclusive SHMS service, available from Prospering Safely, places the development process for your new SHMS into the hands of Dr. Straub, an independent and qualified Certified Safety Professional (CSP).  If certain SHMS programming elements are currently in place at your company, they will be reviewed and compared to current standards and industry best practices - then integrated into the final SHMS document as appropriate.  Your staff is involved in the entire development process to ensure your ownership in the final work product.  For budgeting purposes, the cost for Prospering Safely’s W.I.S.E. SHMS service is typically less that the costs from a single back injury claim.


Prospering Safely’s customized W.I.S.E. SHMS service follows an all-hazards approach and includes the following five phases.


  1. Completion of a hazard analysis of the Client’s operations via onsite analysis or by interview to identify their workplace exposures and hazards, followed by a review of any current SHMS programming. This ensures the final SHMS document is tailored to the Client’s unique workplace exposures and liabilities.
  2. Production of a customized draft SHMS for the Client to review with key management and hourly personnel - to incorporate any changes and adjustments.
  3. Completion of a risk assessment to aid the Client in establishing priorities for risk controls and SHMS implementation.
  4. Guidance in the production of the final SHMS documents with your official logos and colors - one for each member of your management team.  Electronic versions are also suggested, and are allowable per OSHA if the technology exists within your organization.
  5. Presentation of a four-hour motivational coaching session for the Client’s managerial personnel to officially roll-out the new SHMS. Training may be presented onsite or electronically.


Realizing each Client is unique, Prospering Safely’s risk management expertise remains available well after the project is completed, and the SHMS is fully integrated and operational.  Although certainly not required, the majority of our SHMS Clients continue to trust our character and capabilities and utilize Prospering Safely’s professional services on an as-needed basis.  These services include:


  1. Completion of annual 2nd party SHMS audits and corporate-level risk assessments.
  2. Management level coaching sessions on a wide variety of OSH supervisory safety topics (e.g., OSH inspections, risk assessments, loss incident investigations, JHAs, driver safety, combustible dust, handling OSHA inspections, etc.).
  3. Competent Person training for workers involved in high-hazard tasks (e.g., confined spaces, lockout/tagout, respiratory protection, excavations, scaffolding, powered platforms, jobsite inspections, ladders, etc.).


If our W.I.S.E. SHMS capabilities interest you or your organization, please contact Prospering Safety.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you in this capacity. 


At Prospering Safely, it is our driving goal to empower your employees to Work In Safe Environments (WISE) through the reduction of risk and the pursuit of Zero Losses.