The following circumstances have something in common…


  • You develop a need for a qualified trainer to educate your employees - perhaps your maintenance staff in Lockout/Tagout, or your field crews in Excavation Safety, or your faculty in Active Shooter Response.
  • Perhaps you find yourself with a new occupational exposure that requires written programming to comply with a customer requirement or OSHA regulation - such as Permit-Required Confined Spaces, Chemical Lab Safety, or Fleet Safety.
  • You have just experienced a loss incident or a near hit event possessing Fatality and Serious Injury (FSI) potentials and you desire a professional loss incident investigation that will produce actual root causes and a plan to prevent any future reoccurrence.
  • OSHA has arrived on site for an inspection, or the event has already occurred, and you are looking at a resulting citation letter from OSHA - and you are seeking guidance on what to do next.
  • You realize you have an exposure to silica dust in the workplace and are seeking assistance in testing the dust levels and developing realistic risk controls to protect your worker and comply with OSHA’s silica regulation.


These above-listed experiences are common in today’s occupational setting, and Prospering Safely is honored to add you to our listing of satisfied Clients by serving you in each of the above scenarios and more. 


Prospering Safely is available to serve our Clients via In-House OSH Management services.  Similar in scope to our Nested OSH Management service, our In-House OSH Management service is geared to provide an occasional service product as needed by the Client.  To your organization, this may look like:


  1. Conducting initial worksite hazard analysis and risk assessments.
  2. Developing and implementing a comprehensive, site-specific Safety and Health Management System (SHMS).
  3. Presenting an annual OSH training day to all employees on a current OSH theme.
  4. Providing one-on-one OSH coaching to a newly hired OSH Director - as to their new OSH duties, hazard analysis, risk assessment, train-the-trainer on key OSH topics, loss incident investigations, and workplace OSH audits.
  5. Performing loss incident investigations with root cause analysis.
  6. Training an affected worker group on a competent person topic.
  7. Facilitating scheduled worksite OSH inspections by regulatory authorities, insurers, and third-party auditors representing your customers.
  8. Aiding in the selection of personal fall arrest equipment based on worker exposure and then providing the OSHA-required training in Fall Protection.
  9. Completing an annual audit of your Lockout/Tagout Program and then provide the OSHA-required competent person training to your affected workforce.
  10. Conducting an annual audit of your Confined Space Program and then accomplish the OSHA-required training to your rescue team and your entry personnel.


If our In-House OSH Management capabilities interest you or your organization, and your worksite is within a few hours of our office in Millersville, Pennsylvania, please contact Prospering Safety.  We have limited availability to provide this service, and we welcome the opportunity to place you into our field schedule. 

At Prospering Safely, it is our driving goal to empower your employees to Work In Safe Environments (WISE) through the reduction of risk and the pursuit of Zero Losses.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction Class @ Horst Construction April 2008